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  • Jamal your technique has no limits. It was a pleasure being in your ballet class in Dearborn 2012. I learned so many new things from you and thank you for making me a better dancer.:-)  Emily Parks
  • Jamal you are such a great ballet teacher. I was a junior at LADM and I remember your solo in the faculty show. AMAZING!!!!!! You are awesome and i cant wait till next year at LADM!!:) Alexis Vought
  • Your talent, style and grace are without limit! - Phillip MIner
  • Jamal your website is great and well put together. I can't wait to read your full novel. Again great work. - Shone Mack
  • Breath-taking; dazzling; stupendous.
    I enjoy the fluidity & promise shown. - Salvia Thompson
  • Your website is amazing and your talent is outstanding! - Roumell Eaton
  • I would like to interview you for website let me know if you are interested. - Philip Esteem
  • love the page and site... Im a cancer survivor who is  in the hospital. To see you dance here while i'm in the hospital making me smile. May God bless and keep you, much love from my home to yours... - George Wayne
  • Your dance lines are spectacular! I am going to friend you on FB. All the Best to you. - Roslyn Mickens
  • hey jamal this is carlee again sorry i just wanted to say that my mom thinks that u are the most awesome dancer ever!!!!  (i do 2) and she loved how at regionals u did that flip.... it was COOL!! sorry to bother u i just wanted to tell u that my mom is a big fan of u!!! cant wait to c u again!! - Carlee Liedermann
  • I think you are an amazing dancer!!!!!! - Julia
  • Young man is amazing Dancer, who dances thru his soul.I understand how he truly affects all that watch him,he truly loves his craft .The Brother Caresses his talent.God bless U for all your talents that u give 2 the World!!!! - Daniel Chisolm, tenor

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