Toss in the Ether a novel - Jamal Story 

 Desperate to leave its crumbling home for a needed new studio space, a dance company short on resources but rich in talent revives a widely revered, difficult and dangerous ballet to present at an arts conference.  A brilliant performance could mean security. But when Alicia, a key dancer, pushes her husband down the stairs, room is made for bigger falls than any of the dancers could imagine.   With settings all along the company’s touring destinations, and in the sprawling reach of Dallas and its suburbs, Story choreographs a dense, imaginative journey interlaced with tragedies, political mayhem, love lessons, and the transformative, healing power of art.

Toss in The Ether
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Trailer for "Toss in the Ether," dance fiction by Jamal Story. With Fana Tesfagorgias, Donald Jones, Jr. Devin Roberts, Da'Von Doane, Bravita Threatt, Lauran Spencer.

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