Jamal is a choreographer and educator who continues to spread his love for dance to dancers worldwide. Jamal choreographs commercial and concert pieces, sets competition choreography  and teaches workshops and master classes as well! You can request Jamal for any of the above by Clicking Here! Also be sure to check out the articles below about Jamal and view choreography samples below!


Jamal Story Choreography Reel

Choreography sizzle reel with work in various areas of dance and production.

Choreographer Resume


Blue Man Group on ELLEN

Arena Stage Production of Senor Discretion Himself- Asst. Choreo. to D. Sanchez


Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater

  (hop)Scotch on the Rocks

Luminario Ballet  

If the Wall Could Scream

Lula Washington Dance Theater

Adiarys Almeida and Joseph Gatti


USAIBC 06 Senior Bronze Medalist Joseph Michael Gatti & Cuban Finalist Adiarys Almeida performing "Nothing" Choreography by Jamal Story .Final Round

Kathy Chamberlain Ballet

  the troubled spaces in between



The Problem of Homeless Veterans concept: Francesca Harper from "Obamania"