Our legendary lady has in the show a set of songs she sings in succession without the intervention of costume changes, set moves or other production number logistics.  Well except for the minor issue of the stool.  For the longest time it was a crewman who performed this task, ill-equipped with a costume or any formal introduction to the audience prior to make the moment easy on Cher, who is in a set of follow-spots (lights).  He would come out after “Walking in Memphis” and sort of finagle the stool into the center of the Mandala as inconspicuously as he could, but to no avail. Someone made the suggestion that a dancer do this. And somehow I was the pick.  So I now make a costume change after “Take it Like a Man” and come back out to present our icon a seat for what we call the “Unplugged” section of her show.  The picture above is from the second or third time this occurred. We have fun with it, and graciously, she always identifies me by name when she thanks me. 

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