10:46 a.m. Wednesday

I needed to bust.  And with somebody.

It take two minutes to download the app and make a profile.  I never been on it but I seen my friends on it.  Used my dad’s old email addy, downloaded a pic that showed my stomach, my legs, my print. I put up my stats.  27, 5’8, 140, 8.5, single.

I start looking at profiles and they come at me like trains pulling in a station.

But it was taking forever to go through each one. Some of the profiles have blurry pics, pics of trees and skies, bad silhouettes and shit.  Convos slow as fuck cuz bros be in denial about wanting to fuck.  Even the dude that moved fast took a while.

Hey whasup

Whassup wit u man

Watching tv

What you get into?

Smoke and chill.

That’s whassup. 

I whip my shit out, stand up and take a shot of my dick. Too dark. I used the flash and the shit was right. Overhead shot, like a drone shot but close so the tip of my dick climbed up out the picture.

              I send it.

Sexy af. I want it

Send ass pic

Didn’t hear shit from him after that for a while.

Take me 30 minutes just to go through the messages.  Big dudes trying to hide the gut. Little dudes trying not to look short.   Dudes with $$$$ all over their shit looking for somebody “generous.”  Some chocolate chasers sending three and four ass shots at a time.  A few blank no-pic profiles who opened they private pics.   My friend always look at the ones with no pics cause usually those bros be DL and fine as fuck.  I open the first one. Dee / 23 years old / 5’2 / 110 lbs / black / looking for Deepthroats++++ to be on cam / sex cam, videos, pics.

Nah, even if I was trying to take dick, it ain’t going down my throat and I ain’t no porn star. Block.  I looked at profile after profile. Every other one keeps my shit on hard but some of these cats be so quick with the pics coming at me, it’s a turn off.  You got yo shit ready like that when you thirsty. I don’t need a thirsty one.

Then the first dude finally sends the ass shot, 10 minutes later. It had him on his side, leg bent, like he on a sofa. The twist in the waist area supposed to hide the gut – I’m hip to that trick. Best friend complains about it all the time. Block button.

The app drains your battery and mine was already on low. The outlet in my bedroom wasn’t working and I didn’t need the family up in my business so the living room outlet was out. Too many people living up in this house anyway.

I’m not out. My older sister is nosey as fuck and my twin sister’s trifling ass Dominican husband so busy judging people even though they live here in my mother’s house.  So I go to the bathroom and sit in there, charge my shit in the outlet near the sink.  

I keep scrolling through the profiles until I see the one I wanted. Sexy ass dude. Body on point.  Good stats, 6’0, 180. He hit me with “Sup.”

Chillin. You?

Just at the hotel watching tv

That’s whassup. You trying to fuck?

Yeah send me some pics.

Just for you right?


I can’t have my shit getting out. Too much to lose.

This is my shit. This is the guy. I didn’t need my business out in the street.

He sent me some pics. Banging body, looked like sweet potatoes, solid.

How freaky are you?

How freaky you need?

Anonymous shit.


I want you to come to my hotel room and fuck me.  Don’t say shit. Don’t introduce yourself.  I’m gonna leave the door propped.

Dude it’s gonna take me a while to get there. You thirty minutes away.

You text me when you get here and then I’ll leave the door open. I’ll be ass up on my hands and knees. You just come in and fuck.  After you cum, I want you to kiss me and then leave.

He sent me a sexy profile pic.  Dude looks like Lebron but with a smaller face.


My sister yelling at me through the door sounding like she in the bathroom with me, in the toilet or something.  Banging the side of her fist against the door.

“I’m coming out in a minute. Stop tripping.”

              “I have to pee negro. Get out. I’m also trying to leave so I can go to work.”

              “You drive for Uber. You ain’t on no clock.” Davia don’t keep a job.

              “None of your business negro and it’s Lyft anyway. Get out.”

              I had to hurry up cause she wasn’t gonna let up.

              Bring condoms. I only do safe sex. Come and fuck me until you bust. But only safe.

              Bet.  Address?

              Then I’m waiting and this dude taking forever.

              She banging on the door again. “Marc I will pee in your Nikes, negro. Get out!”

              I unplug the phone and flush the toilet to make her think I was using it. I spray  the Febreeze.

              Shoulders cross and she thinks I checked her.

              “I can still pee in your Nikes after I leave here. I have a lot of pee so don’t act new.”

              I come out of the bathroom. 

              “Here,” I say. “Now you can pee like you civilized, in the toilet.”

              “Lying negro, get out so I can slam this door.”

              I start looking for the keys to my mother’s car. I’m tearing up the front room trying to find those shits.

              “Fel has Mom’s car if you looking for the keys,” Davia yells from the bathroom.

              Fuck. If I have to wait for a uber, I have to go through trying to tell the driver where we live.  This part of Centinela is crazy for GPS.

              “You could just wait and hire me and I can take you where you’re going.”

              I don’t need Davia in my business.  She don’t know I fuck with dudes and if she did my whole family would know.  That fucking Dominican my older sister married to, we already almost come to blows.  I’d be fighting his ass all the time.

              “Nah, I’m good.”

              I leave, walk over to the store and then order the Lyft.

              I check the app to get room number to the hotel.  315.

              I take the stairs so I don’t have to wait in front of the front desk.

              I knock twice.

              It seem like it take him forever to get to the door.


              He probably can’t hear me though and I don’t want to say more cuz people might hear.

              I turn to leave and he opens the door.  Couldn’t see him.   

              When I walk back I get a good look.

He don’t look like the picture. 


              Lighter than LeBron, more like McCollum. He shorter than me and I’m 5’10.  This dude sexy as hell. I don’t know why he so nervous.



              I hurry in.           

              “Don’t want people out there to hear, man. I keep it low.”

              He kind of nodded.

              “You look better than that pic man.

              We just standing there facing off.

              He take a few steps toward me.   

              He slide his hand along my hip.

              I touch his ass.

              His breathing on my neck makes my dick hard.  It pushes into his thigh.

              He put his tongue on my neck, my shoulder, my lips.

              We start dry humping standing up. He was shaking.

              “You alright man?”

              “Yeah, I just.  I never messed with a dude.” He look at the closet. That’s a played metaphor.  


              I rub up on him harder.

              He jams his hand down, grabs my nuts.

              I put my tongue in his mouth, like putting his handful in there.

              Start licking from his lip to his jaw to his shoulder. 

              He moans some.

              My dick is hard as hell.

              He squeezes. And then I know where this is going.

              Then he looks back at the closet. 

If I was a girl, that would have killed my mood.

I ignore that shit though and keep trying to lick his body.

              At first I’m ready to leave. He can’t get into it and I’m not sure what the fuck he afraid of. But we in the room. Alone. The door shuts.  I see his dick jumping. His ass looks ready to eat.  We can get this in and be good.   But he can’t let himself just go. 

              I back away from him. Then he takes his shirt off.   He takes my shirt off.

              He has a tattoo of two apples on his neck near the collarbone.  I sucked on the skin there.

              Whatever he was holding on to dropped with that shirt.  He licked my whole chest, ran his tongue around it. I hear a noise like something dropped and I start looking around to see where it is. 

              “Did you hear that?”

              Instead of answer, he put my dick in his mouth. Didn’t even see him get to one knee.

              My eyes roll back.  He doesn’t move back and forth, just keeps whole thing in, washing it with his tongue. I feel the roof of his mouth, the soft part, the throat. 

              I almost fall down it’s so good.

              He’s grabbing at my thighs to pull me deeper.

Then there’s a jam, something that sounds like a hard tap.

“What’s that?”

He stops and looks at the closet again.

This time I hear another kind of moan, a gut-punched, desperate kind of noise.  Someone is trying to talk, sounds like he’s gagged.

The dude looks at me with a gangster look and then shoves my dick back into his mouth.

Now I’m scared. And I can’t move.  The dude looks at me like he trying to dare me to move.

The sounds from the closet grow.  Struggle.

Then he gives up and pulls away to get to the closet.

I move back before dude can change his mind.  I didn’t finish pulling my pants up all the way before I fell back. 

I turn around and get the fuck up.  When I turn to see where this dude is, I see the only reason he can’t come after me is that the closet door is opening slowly from the bottom.

He chooses that instead.Whoever or whatever is in there starts making more noise and I run out of there with no shirt.My dick is still out when I run out of that hotel room.But I don’t stop running until I get out.